HT Engineering & Management Consulting

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HTEMCO Mission

Provision of management consultancy and project management services in compliance with international standards and quality whereever we can compete.


Being one of the  highest rank in management consulting and project management world market  in terms of credibility and market share, based on our level of achieved competitiveness through our human resource capabilities and our customers consistent satisfaction

Main areas of activity

     1.Mines and Metals

     2.Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries


Fields of Specialty

  1.Consultancy services:

     Master planning and feasibility study
     Market research
     Strategic Planning
     Productivity management
     Diagnosis studies, re-engineering and industrial renovation and rehabilitation
     Consultancy and engineering services in different IT fields including:
     Network , Data banks and integrated systems design and implementation.
     Designing & Implementation of Human resource,Performance management,Knowledge management,Preventive maintenance
     Marketing and Sales, Performance budgeting, Industrial accounting systems and Relevant training.   
     Competitiveness analysis

   2.Project management: 

     Engineering management
     Procurement management
     Construction management
Organizational Chart

Our Code of Ethics:

  •  We are committed to satisfy customer’s needs and our responsibility is to serve     them 
  • are committed to give service to our clients according to the highest  international standard levels
  • We are committed to interact with our customers on a constructive basis and   refrain from any  unethical and unprofessional relationships
  • We are committed to long term partnership with our customers after giving the   services according to the contract 
  • We are committed to increase the knowledge and capabilities of our employees  to gain customer satisfaction as much as possible
  • We are committed to support creativity and innovation of our employees as a means to increase productivity
  • We are committed to conform to social norms and ethical values and to propaganda them in society
  • We are committed to conform to professional ethical rules in consultancy services profession
  • We are committed to participate in technical-scientific societies in line  with NGO ‘s development
  • We are committed to conform to HSE regulations in rendering our services
  • We are committed to identify the national and international rules and regulations in our field of activities
  • We are committed to help the people in need and support charity organizations